Commit 8425eb85 authored by Gabriel Couture's avatar Gabriel Couture

Changing columns name in csv when writing

parent 62639d1c
......@@ -27,4 +27,8 @@ def write_dicom_rt(
pydicom.dcmwrite(join(target_directory, 'RTPLAN-1.dcm'), rtplan)
pydicom.dcmwrite(join(target_directory, 'RTDOSE-1.dcm'), rtdose)
pydicom.dcmwrite(join(target_directory, 'RTSTRUCT-1.dcm'), rtstruct)
dvh_data.to_csv(join(target_directory, 'DVH.csv'), index=False)
dvh_data.columns = ['Dose [cGy]', 'Volume [cc]']
join(target_directory, 'DVH.csv'),
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